Healthier Planet

Healthier Planet

We strongly believe that business activity must be in synchronized with nature. 

MAROC ORGANIC ®  is a certified organic distributor in Morocco. 

When we say “Organic food” ,we mean free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and GMOS. 

Since we started operations in Morocco, we have been offering foods that are harvested through  clean and safe processes by farmers and manufacturers. We make sure they operate using integrity and transparency as their main values. 

How do we show love for our planet? 

Nearly 80 % of our sales are from organic foods harvested without the use of any chemicals, added antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s. 

  • We almost only use bio-diesel fuel in our entire truck-fleet. 
  • We almost only use 100% renewable energy to power our distribution center and offices. 
  • We make use of energy saving equipment as much as possible.