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Morocco Guide

MOROCCO: THE LAND OF THE SETTING SUN┬á Identity card: Practical information on Morocco Formalities┬á The best times to visit MOROCCO ┬á Dominant languages in Morocco┬á The currency of Morocco┬á The Change┬á The budget┬á Shopping┬á Climate and Weather Transportation┬á Hotels and Accommodation Guides and Fake Guides┬á Health┬á Security Internet and WIFI Holidays and public holidays Lifestyle …

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10 best essential oils

10 Best essential oils : Essence of aromatherapy

The use of essential oils is constantly increasing around the world. Experts, influencers and Hollywood stars agree on the benefits of essential oils on the body, health and well-being of people. First of all, what is an essential oil? a precise and official definition of essential oil has been given by the AFNOR (Association Fran├žaise …

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Cacao, plus que du chocolat

Cocoa, more than chocolate : beans, powder and nibs

Cocoa comes from the cocoa tree , obtained after grinding the cocoa beans themselves from the pods, this powder obtained is an element of travel because present in several countries: the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Mexico, Ghana, the islands of Haiti and many others. To learn more about the benefits of this food, which will help …

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