We select only the most reliable suppliers and those who allow us to limit the impact of our activities on the environment. We prefer suppliers who have policies of social responsibility and an environmentally friendly approach, but most importantly, we have suppliers who believe in our philosophy of providing better and healthier food to more and more people around the world. We want to contribute to the development of wellness in Morocco by importing organic products that have added value for the Moroccan consumer.



SMART ORGANIC has become one of the leading producers and distributors of organic food in Europe. The company sources its products in more than 30 countries around the world, through bio-responsible cooperatives that use traditional agricultural crops.SMART ORGANIC offers the products of its flagship brand, DRAGON SUPERFOODS, in more than 60 countries around the world: European Union, Gulf countries, as well as in Asia and the Americas.


Nature is an infinite source of benefits. To preserve the plant’s intrinsic qualities, we use total-plant extract and essential oils that are pure, undiluted, unmodified and labelled organic by the most demanding certification schemes. Rigorously selected and recognised for their exceptional properties, our raw materials are noble, rare and valuable. Your health deserves the best, so our strong, concentrated formulas guarantee both integrity and performance.

Informed consumers choose products that correspond to their personal values. Different people see the terms “Natural” and “organic” with a different notion in mind. Some may see environmental benefits, some may see personal benefits, while others may see social benefits. Often, there is a strong connection between a brand’s story and a consumer’s personal connection to that brand. Smart brands know how to create a strong link between their stories and the needs and desires of consumers. It is therefore imperative for brands to take care and control of their messages, instead of letting others define them.



To be an inspiring, trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic products and solutions for Healthy Conscious Living. To be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic, sustainable business model that inspires, promotes and supports true wellness.


Since 1868, Cailleau Herboristerie has been exercising its profession with passion in the heart of the Anjou region, in the town of Chemillé-en-Anjou, the capital of medicinal plants. We gradually shut down our production business to specialize instead in the selection, processing and packaging of plants.

From the perspective of the Moroccan consumer, the difference between natural and organic products is not always obvious. Typically, this distinction lies in the ingredients and the chain of custody between the source and the manufacturer of the product. An informed customer knows what to expect, especially if they are buying from a retailer with similar values, such as a Moroccan artisan or local produce store, or from a natural products store or herbalist shop. However, brands would be wise to make the social, environmental and personal benefits of organic products as clear as possible to consumers.

For natural and organic brands that are still struggling to get their message across or decide which stories are most compelling, now is the time to start connecting on a personal level with your audience! The perfect place to tell these stories is on your packaging, using language and visuals true to your brand. This way, it will help you stand out from your competitors and resonate with your audience.

Consumers are primarily concerned with product quality. However, a consumer looking for products with natural ingredients does not necessarily expect them to be more effective than a conventional alternative. They are looking for benefits that do not endanger the earth, animals or people. Natural brands are the best for you. It’s your main duty to convey that story in an authentic and unique way.


Brands can brag about claiming anything they want; that said, there’s nothing more convincing than a third-party endorsement. Many retailers look for approved products as part of their qualification process to include in their store. In fact, some retailers expect certifications to eventually become standard procedure in the natural segment.

We support organic brands to seek out the highest level of third-party approvals that is possible and proclaim them directly on their packaging. While there is no standard model for “natural,” many brands seek certification for organic and other sustainable practices. Keep in mind that certifications can be great, but they serve primarily as assurances. They are rarely the full story of a brand.





The EffiNov Laboratory provides a global nutritional response combining a personalized nutritional assessment (EffiNut) and food supplements formulated from ingredients rigorously selected for their effectiveness, their origin and their bioavailability (EffiNov).


We were keen to work on natural molecules with high therapeutic potential. Hence our desire from the outset to scientifically document the products in order to bring out their value while also working on their galenic formulation to ensure their effectiveness.

For a consumer choosing between one natural product in Morocco and another, it can often feel like each product is boasting, “Pick me, I’m the fairest of them all!” Rather than engaging in a competition with your rivalry companies, you (our current or potential suppliers) should focus on appealing to consumers.

More and more consumers are now aware and concerned about social and environmental issues. Many would buy more sustainable products if it connected them to a community of peers with shared values. These emotional connections will help turn a consumer into a brand champion.

The most compelling brand stories often have one or more people behind the brand (if not in the name itself). We’ve found that brands have an easier time connecting with consumers if they are able to convey something about the people behind the brand. In other words, people believe in people rather than companies.



The Pierre Caron Laboratory, a family company, is made up of a team of 30 people. Established in the heart of Morbihan, we formulate, develop, package and market various ranges of food supplements made from ingredients rigorously selected and validated by the Quality department.

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Laboratoire Janine Benoit is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of food supplements, cosmetics and aromatherapy. It was founded over 40 years ago to offer you the best in the range of natural health products.

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Emblica, 100% organic plant coloring, eco-designed with proven effectiveness. Take care of yourself with Emblica colorings, eco-designed plant colorings with proven effectiveness. Emblica colorings, rich in amla (Emblica officinalis) color and strengthen your hair, for more beautiful and healthier hair, application after application. Emblica colorings are composed of coloring plants and care plants reduced to powder. They do not contain any oxidizing agents and therefore cannot lighten hair. Covers white hair. Dermatologically tested.

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