Nails are the hard, insensitive parts of the fingers and toes. They reflect the general health of the body, but also have an aesthetic effect because they will enhance the hands when they are well cared for. However, neglecting  can cause many problems that make us perplexed. 

To help you better understand the condition of your nails and provide you with the best advice to have healthy and beautiful ones , we will answer the following questions throughout this article: What causes these problems? How do you care for your them ?

What your nails say about your health

Woman taking care of her nails
Woman filing her nails and taking care of them.

Nails say a lot about your health, especially when you pay little or no attention to your them , you may notice some changes and start to wonder.

Since the condition of our nails is a good indicator of our overall health, we invite you to discover the types of damaged ones  and how to take care of them:

  • brittle

Fragile and often dry, they  tend to break or split slightly on one side. Keeping them in these conditions is a difficult task.

This problem usually occurs because of dryness or due to keratin weakness. This can also be a sign of vitamin or iron deficiency.

  • Scratched 

Scratches on are wrinkles to some extent. They can be caused by aging nails and sometimes by hygiene problems.

  • Cracked

Cracks usually appear when they are brittle and flexible. They are very often a sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals. But usually, this problem occurs because of a bad nail file technique or because you have a bad habit of eroding your nails .

  • white

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a lack of vitamins and minerals that causes these white spots, but signs of minor injuries. For example, scratching the surface with a nail or opening a container, repeated manicure or eroding the nail will cause a slight impact on it, damaging its keratin and causing it to lift.

  • soft

    Healthy nails
    Picture of healthy natural nails

They are generally flexible and easy to bend. Hands in water too long, for example when washing dishes, or frequent hand washing are some of the causes of this softness. Lack of sulfur and calcium can also be a cause.

What diseases can affect the nails

Neglecting them  and not taking care of them  can also lead to certain diseases such as:

  • Infection

This is an infectious condition that is caused by the presence of a parasitic fungus called dermatophytes. This can cause thickening, discoloration, peeling and even slowing of the nails .

  • Deformation:

This will interfere with the growth of them  and as a result this deformation take on a white or yellow color.

  • Numerical Hippocrates

This is an indicator that most often refers to pulmonary diseases (tuberculosis, cancer …). The nails are rounder and begin to take the curved shape.

  • Thick nails:

This is an enlargement, usually accompanied by eczema, psoriasis, fungal disease or trauma to the nail. The nails become thicker, harder, longer and curved. They are light green or light gray.

  • Clawed nail disease:

It is either hereditary or caused by a condition (cyst, fungus …).

  • Detachment of the nail

It is caused by the excessive use of chemical products, repeated manicures but also by certain diseases like psoriasis.

What should I do if I have damaged ones? 

Generally, healthy nails are smooth, pink and without roughness. In order to keep them in this condition we must take good care of them. 

Here are some tips to help keep them healthy and good looking:

  • Photo of healthy manicured nails
    Photograph of a woman’s healthy manicured nails

    Eat a healthy diet:

Avoid diets that may lead to deficiencies. Eat to your heart’s content, without going overboard. Indeed, finger nails need different trace elements and vitamins to grow and stay healthy. 

  • Don’t wash your hands too much

Recurrent hand washing damages . In excess, they will split and we know that it takes an average of 6 long months for them to grow back.

  • Not too much manicure:

It’s a good thing to do the manicure, but be careful not to peel your nails off because this will bring in microbes.

  • Don’t forget moisturizing

If you have a problem with dryness, it is very important to moisturize. For this reason, you can use natural moisturizing creams as a solution to this problem . This way, will help resist external aggressions.

  • Don’t bite them: 

It’s a good old habit to bite your nail . However, it damages them. You can use organic nail polish for example (SO ‘BIO ētic) to avoid this.

  • Use lemon juice:

Lemon helps to strengthen the finger nails . Mix with a little almond essential oil , it may be more effective. 

What products should I use to take care of my nails?

It is important to use natural products such as essential oils of lavender , tea tree, nail and cuticle care creams, nail polishSO BIO ētic “. 

You can also use Shea butter , massage coconut oil before bedtime. 

  • Baking soda:

It is highly recommended for the treatment of nail fungus. 

  • Basil oil:

Basil oil can be easily found in an organic store. It is very effective in strengthening ridged nails .

  • Castor oil:

It is natural and full of goodness, and not just for hands

  • Scrubs:

Mix sea salt with natural honey and apply it , so that they are moisturized. 

  • White vinegar bath:

Will get rid of nail fungus.


We can conclude that the nails reflect the health of our body. Therefore, if they are not in good condition, this can be a sign of disease. Several tips are offered to us on a daily basis, to allow us to keep our them  nice and strong, but what really matters is not the advices we hear about that. What really matters is how much we take care of all our body parts on a daily basis and making that a part of our life habits to ensure we keep ourselves always from diseases that might put us in a critical situation.

That is why, we invite to listen to what’s your body is telling you and make sure you pay attention to every sign that reveals behind it certain health problems and issues.

In order to avoid asking about the causes of damaged nails in the future, wouldn’t it be better to start taking care of them now?

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