helichrysum flower next to a drawing of the plant
helichrysum flower next to a drawing of the helichrysum plant

Helichrysum is still called “immortal ” because of its yellow flowers that, even when cut, never fade. It is an Italian plant (helichrysum italicum ) found all around the Mediterranean. It is very rare, and is used as an essential oil for the body. It is at the same time an anti-haematoma, anti-coagulant , anti-healing and anti-phlebitis . So what are its properties?

In which case use the essential oil helichrysum ?

Helichrysum can be used in various cases, either internally or externally. One can quote among other things:

– In case of dental avulsion ( tooth extraction ), or dental pain.

– In case of varicose veins (blood circulation disorder) or lead leg ( heavy legs ).

– In case of ecchymosis (bruise) or in case of hematoma .

– In case of jugo-palpebral folds ( dark circles ).

– In case of a scar (old or new) or a surgical scar .

– In case of atopic dermatitis or eczema.

– In case of rosacea ( rosacea ).

– In case of blows due to fights.

– In case of type 1 or 2 diabetes .

– In case of good or bad cholesterol .

– In case of a sprain.

– In case of muscular tension (rheumatism)

– In case of a headache .

– In case of wrinkles on the body.

– In case of depression or emotional shock.

Helichrysum essential oil has many benefits, both for the skin and for the body.

What are the properties of Helichrysum?

helichrysum plant flowers
helichrysum flowers in yellow

– It is an anti-hematoma:

The immortal or the essential oil of helichrysum is a powerful anti-haematoma, it is besides for that that the sportsmen use it much. Indeed, this one will improve the circulation of blood in the body, by fluidifying it. It is also used for the circulatory traumatisms, thanks to its decongestant effect.

– It allows to repair the skin.

The immortal essential oil has a repairing action on the skin. It is used for skin problems, accelerating tissue repair. Example scars.

It will make it possible to clear the respiratory tracts

The presence of eucalyptol in the helichrysum will make fluid the mucus in the respiratory tracts.

It will allow you to get rid of:

Fats, but also to remove the captions (orange peels),

The organic essential oil of immortal is a real anti-aging agent

Thanks to its composition in dions, it will prevent wrinkles on the face. It will cut the collagen, by slowing down the collagenase (protein).

Helichrysum oil will help to eliminate gall bladders thanks to its purifying action on the blood system.

– The organic essential oil of Immortal has a regenerative property because it will help to clear the stretch marks just inflamed.

– Helichrysum is used to treat the scalp when it is damaged or irritated.

How to use Helichrysum essential oil?

helichrysum flowers
helichrysum yellow flowers close up

Immortal can be used alone, or with other essential oils. 

Some tips:


For slimming massages

mix two tablespoons of avocado vegetable oil with 9 drops of helichrysum essential oil. It will restructure the skin, to renew it.

For water retention problems

mix organic lemon essential oil with Immortal oil. Apply well in the concerned area. The essential oil of lemon will stimulate the small blood vessels in case of bad venous circulation.

For the problems of wrinkles

mix two spoons of wheat germ oil with 15 drops of Italian I mmortal oil . Thanks to the richness of the vegetable oil in vitamin E, this one will allow it to renew the cells of the skin and to act with effectiveness on the wrinkles and skin of oranges.

For healing problems

mix organic lavender oil with 9 drops of Italian helichrysum oil . Apply twice a day to the concerned area. This mixture is especially used in case of surgical healing. You will not be disappointed.

For stretch mark problems

mix a teaspoon of prickly pear oil with 5 drops of helichrysum oil . Prickly pear oil, thanks to its high vitamin E content, will repair and soften the skin.

For rheumatism problems: 

mix the organic juniper that you can easily find at ” Main Herbalism “, with a few drops

of Italian helichrysum. I have used it myself and the result is incredible.

For sprain problems: 

mix 10 drops of eucalyptus with 5 drops of Italian helichrysum oil. Apply well to the affected area every night. It is a real anti-inflammatory.


For diabetic problems: 

simply mix a teaspoon of Italian Immortal in a glass of water and drink it twice a day.

For dental problems: 

for a teaspoon of helichrysum in a glass of water, then do the mouthwash once a day.

When should I not use Helichrysum oil?

If you have heavy bleeding , it is not recommended to use Italian Helichrysum essential oil.

Also, this medication is prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Before using Italian Helichrysum oil, I advise you to test it on your arm for a day. This one is well known to cause allergic reactions.

Don’t forget to get medical advice.


Helichrysum or Italian Immortal can be used for many purposes. I highly recommend that you have one in your closet.

However, like any other essential oil , it is advisable not to abuse it. I advise you to limit the doses to avoid any neurotoxic problems because of the presence of ketone (5-10%) in the essential oil of Italian Immortal.

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