Chocolate  lovers , come forward! Interested in this item? 

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate?!

Of course no one, and it is no coincidence that stores around the world give it away as a gift for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, the end of the year celebrations or declarations of love, how romantic.

Because it is sweet, produced from the cocoa bean, this food is successful despite the efforts that some people make to deny this possibility by evoking that it is necessary to reduce its consumption on the pretext that it is harmful to the health

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to clarify a few points and make known what is unknown by answering the question: what are the benefits of chocolate ? 

The benefits of chocolate

Heart shaped box of chocolate
Woman holding heart shaped box of chocolate

Chocolate has many benefits that are unknown to most people. What we have never been written in the recipe books is that chocolate is rich in antioxidants, since it is of cocoa origin packed with flavonoids responsible for certain cardioprotective effects, and allowing to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis promoting the onset of cardiovascular disease. 

Chocolate , especially dark chocolate, has been shown by numerous experiments on the elderly to lower blood pressure, while white chocolate has not given the same results.

Likewise, having a small chocolate bar in your bag and taking some every now and then can boost concentration and memory. It would therefore be preferable to consume a small piece before an exam, test or interview to improve intellectual performance.

A study conducted at Harvard University has shown that cocoa is a very effective means of maintaining the intellectual capacities of the elderly, who are susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease

If you suffer from a phosphorus, potassium or iron deficiency , among the benefits of chocolate is that it is a good source, do not settle for a glass of milk in the morning to strengthen your bones and maintain healthy teeth, but you can also use a hazelnut chocolate spread and enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast at the same time. 

After this good breakfast, you will be ready to start a good workout since it is one of the foods that lower the level of cortisol in the body, this material is known to be responsible for cramps and reduced performance. So if you’re an athlete, or just someone who wants to burn a few calories, pack your gym bag by adding a little chocolate bar to your water bottle and go for it! 

Say goodbye to stress that blocks you and complicates your life, since thanks to chocolate you will boost your body with magnesium and anti-depressants which play an important role in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety which have a negative influence on the immune system, which will need to regain its strength. Of vegetable protein chocolate chia is a dietary supplement effective, purely organic which guarantees the preservation of the nutritional value, simply mix half a teaspoon with a rice-based drink or soya or to use it with cereal or bread.

Maximize Profits by Baking Gluten Free Chocolate Cake 

Close up of chocolate cake with powdered sugar
Gluten-free chocolate cake with powdered sugar on top

Adopting a gluten-free diet apparently has several health benefits, including improved digestion, joint or rheumatic disorders from which several testimonies have shown that gluten participates in the increase of the inflammatory state by increasing permeability intestinal.

Likewise, in some cases, getting rid of gluten contributes to weight loss , but it all depends on the diet adopted and its components; but if you maintain an unbalanced diet rich in industrial products it will not help you to have results!

Those who want to venture out and try a gluten-free diet, don’t be too hard on yourself, try to start small so that you can continue later. To celebrate, bake a gluten-free chocolate cake of course in just 10 minutes. 

For more flavor you can add 50% cocoa dark chocolate chips , made from cocoa beans.

Chocolate is present in the world of cosmetics

Chocolate bars of soap
Bars of soap and cosmetics with chocolate

Yes, it is not very well known but it is true, Chocolate is the last food that one can imagine that can be used as a cosmetic product , in addition, it presents a quality that is quite rare to find in natural products, such as is that it can adapt to all skin types without exception (normal, dry, oily, and combination skin). This is due to many moisturizing properties for the face as well as for the body. 

To treat the inflammation of the skin, it would be ideal to use a soap filled cocoa butter and why not combine it with pieces of clay ghassoul too, to finally give a known soap in its quality luxury soap which the components are known to bring a lot of virtues to the skin.

To moisturize dry skin , you can use a cocoa butter day cream , which can be used as a make-up base for a long day at work, because it is immediately absorbed without leaving a greasy layer. It should be applied in the morning after cleansing the skin and massaged gently to promote absorption.

That’s not all, there is a night version of this routine, ideal for treating the skin at bedtime and ensuring deep hydration to fight against wrinkles

It should be applied to well cleansed skin and gently massaged the cream on the face and neck, then let it act while having sweet dreams. 

Basically, if you want to indulge yourself while nourishing your body and skin, go for chocolate, but keep in mind that the body is sensitive to this food, ie any excess can cause unwanted effects. such as obesity, weakened bone density and the risk of allergies. 

Have you ever thought that chocolate has benefits for the skin? 

Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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