Have you ever heard of Bach flower  ?

Whatever your answer, Maroc Organic will reveal all the secrets and benefits of these essences to help you enjoy them.

Bach flowers, what is it?

Bach flowers origin and history is rich. For a very long time, and precisely in the thirties, a doctor and homeopath of British origin discovered a new form of therapy which is based on flower essences , now called Bach flowers, which have a positive effect on the skin. negative emotions, moods and temperaments, allowing to find a balance and harmony. 

As a result, 38 flowers were needed to solve this equation, each one regulates an emotion, improves mood and balances a character trait, which has a remarkable influence on those around the affected person. 

This doctor named Edward Bach classified these flower essences into seven families: 

  • Doubt and uncertainty.
  • Solitude.
  • Fear and insecurity. 
  • Lack of interest in the present. 
  • Discouragement and despair.
  • Caring for the well-being of others.
  • Hypersensitivity to the ideas of others.
Picture of a set of bach flower essential oil
Bach flower essential oil bottles in a set

These essences are prepared from flower petals grown in a healthy environment free of pesticides, then placed in a container filled with spring water which will then be exposed to the sun for hours. The solution will finally be stabilized by the addition of alcohol before being stored in glass bottles. The question that arises is: When can we use Bach flowers?

1 / No more mood swings with bach flower: 

Like everyone else, we all have happy times, sometimes sad times, and even temporary depression . However, sometimes life gets out of hand and gets in trouble, which can lead to inappropriate behaviors to resolve this imbalance.

The solution that is proposed in the first place is to seek help from a psychotherapist who will have the necessary tools to soothe the person prone to these mood swings , or Bach flowers can be a possible natural supplement. Just add a few drops several times a day either pure or diluted in a little water. 

2 / Bach flowers, good remedy for anxiety attacks: 

According to psychiatrists , the anxiety attack is characterized by a sudden onset, which gradually develops to reach the maximum then, after a few moments this crisis begins to decrease little by little until it disappears completely.

The person who suffers from it will feel on the psychic level an intense fear, and on the physical level sensations of throbbing, chest pain, sweating, tremors and others … These symptoms only come to make matters worse, increasing the degree of fear felt by the person who feels they are gradually losing control over their body. 

This is why, while waiting to consult a specialist, a treatment based on Bach flowers can be effective in overcoming fear and alleviating the resulting stress

3 / Boost your concentration using bach flower:

Concentration problems can affect anyone, at any age. However this can cause difficulties especially during studies or at the professional level. This phenomenon has amplified with the arrival of smartphones and even more with social networks, especially among children and adolescents. 

In this case, taking medication is insufficient to regain balance, it is mandatory to be assisted by a therapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, and why not take as a complement a treatment based on Bach flowers which is reputed to have a positive influence on concentration . 

4 / bach flower, sleep as deeply as possible:

One of the most determining criteria for a healthy lifestyle is good sleep. It is unfortunate that the problem of insomnia is more and more widespread in the world, this is reflected by statistics carried out by sleep centers: 16% of French people suffer from it, and almost 13% of Canadians experience the same thing. 

This sleep problem is the result of several factors, which can be psychological such as stress and worry, or environmental such as ambient noise, high light or the content of a meal. taken before sleep and which can in most cases be the cause of this insomnia .  

Often this poor quality of sleep does not last long, but while waiting to regain its stability, it is wise to help your body by taking a treatment based on Bach flowers which allows you to be less tense and relaxed. 

We cite as an example some soothing Bach flowers: white chestnut, red chestnut, verbena, aspen …

5 / Take the first steps to quit smoking with bach flower’s help: 

More than a billion people smoke throughout the world, or more than 1/7 of the population, a rate that cannot be considered negligible. On the one hand nicotine known as an addictive substance, and on the other hand the psychological dependence which is the consequence of several factors vary from one person to another. Between these two elements, the addict finds himself imprisoned day after day in a cage of dependency that he can no longer manage or control. 

To regain one’s freedom , it is not easy, it takes a great will and a strong perseverance to get out of it. The Bach flowers can serve as an effective sedative to fight against the crisis born when needed, and a good way to relax in those moments when the person reaches high degrees of tension

6 / bach flower to get rid of obesity:

Addiction is not just about cigarettes, alcohol or drugs; but can also concern food . As with getting rid of cigarette addiction, Bach flowers can be of great help in shedding a few pounds of your weight. 

Bach flowers on their own will not make you lose weight, but they significantly contribute to influencing the thoughts responsible for the effectiveness of all actions we take in life, so get rid of the obsession with food while maintaining control over oneself. 

Precautions for use of Bach flowers: 

Generally, there are no undesirable effects to the consumption of Bach flowers, but it should be noted that one must be careful with alcoholics. Thus, it will be better to dilute the drops in water before consuming it for people suffering from alcoholism , as well as for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Share with us your experience if you have an idea about other benefits of Bach flowers. 


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