Are you still struggling to find an organic distributor that can meet your needs?

Do you want to sell your own products or import them?

The good news is: this article will guide you to make the right choice without losing your way or spending a lot of time without results. You will find 5 key criteria to evaluate in order to find the organic distributor that best suits your requirements and helps you achieve your business goals.

Distribution, an integral part of the marketing plan

Distribution is a major part in marketing plans. As people’s interest in healthy lifestyles grows, so does the urge to buy organic products, especially among those who want to improve their eating habits.

This is why we have seen the creation of several brands that produce organic products to meet the growing demand for such products.

For every manufacturer, it is necessary to develop a well thought out marketing strategy to inform target customers of the existence of their product so that they can make a purchase.

The distribution policy being at the heart of any marketing plan, it is necessary to determine how we are going to distribute our products. This is why we will share with you in this article, 5 points to check before choosing an organic  distributor .

6 points to check before choosing a distributor for your organic products

A plate with an apple on it and a piece of paper with "Bio" written on it.
A plate with an apple with “bio” written on a piece of paper.

Choosing an organic distributor for your  organic products  is not easy, because they are fully responsible for distributing these products and making them available to consumers to better promote and encourage purchasing operations.

In order to help you make the best possible choice, we have put together 5 criteria for you to evaluate and adjust your distributor list:

1. Suitability for your business strategy 

Collaborating with an organic products wholesaler requires a set of criteria to be evaluated in order to finalize your choice, among the most critical criteria is the consistency between the strategy of your company, in other words the objectives you want to achieve, and that of your distributor: are they aligned? Do their  targeted customers match yours? How do they communicate with his clients?

By answering such questions you will have the possibility to validate your choice or to decide to find another distributor.

2. Placement and positioning of your product

Organic written in chalk on a chalk board with fruits and vegetables around.
Organic written on a chalkboard

The second criterion, as important as the previous one, is the extent to which the organic distributor that you have commissioned to distribute the product can position your product in the appropriate market while ensuring that it conforms to the standard: it is what matters most to your customers. Since your organic wholesalers play an essential role in the positioning of your product, you have to know in which category of products they specialize: food supplements , essential oils , teas , herbal teas or baby products … etc.

3. Market regulation 

If your company cannot control its marketing policy, or does not have the financial and / or human resources to sell its products internationally, you can choose an organic products importer. However, before evaluating the importer you will be working with, there is an important point to check: the current legislation of the country where your product will be distributed.

This is why it is important to know if your organic products importer meets the conditions for importing this type of product as well as the procedures for recognizing the equivalence of the laws and regulations of the country of origin of said products.

4. Distribution cost 

When talking about the criteria for selecting and evaluating your organic distributor , it is important to talk about costs. Usually you should have a good understanding of how the distribution price is calculated, the type of product? Does the price vary from customer to another?

If you want to reduce costs and better position your products on the market, you should ask your organic distributors about their distribution channels: Is it via e-commerce? Or is it distributed in pharmacies, drugstores or herbalists ? And what about supermarkets and organic stores or health food stores? Do they distribute through these channels?

Choosing the right distribution channel is crucial, as it will impact your sales, your production costs, and ultimately all of your business activities.

Therefore, before you decide who to work with, make sure you have all the details you need to make the best choice according to your budget.

5. Sales and Marketing Techniques

fruits and vegetables with a piece of cardboard with "Organic' written on it
Cardboard with “organic” written on it and fruits and vegetables around it

Since the distribution of your product allows you to deliver it to the end consumer at the right place and at the right time, it is necessary to check with your organic distributor so that he can provide you with reliable data, if possible, concerning their technical , how many leads they can generate for you, how do they promote the product and how do they present it, and of course the size of their sales force and business skills.

The more effective the sales techniques adopted by your distributor, the more positive effects they will have on their performance, which in turn will have a positive impact on your bottom line, so this is a necessary criterion to be able to evaluate your distributor, because its core role is to ensure better promotion of your products.

6. Included services 

It is absolutely necessary to focus on the services that your  distributor  will provide you, so that you can confirm your cooperation with them, or choose the services of another distributor that best suits your strategy, budget and expected results.

Therefore, before finalizing your choice based on the above criteria, please ask your organic distributor to provide you with all the necessary information about the services they offer: product storage, advertising, sales financing, etc.

Distribution strategy is critical to the success of your product. When it aligns with your target market, it will enable you to improve your positioning and help you retain customers through your brand image and the services provided by your organic products wholesaler .

In order to make the selection phase more easier for you, it is best to first establish an evaluation grid, identify and classify your criteria according to their importance, and record every criterion met by each organic distributor in the basic list. Then conduct an assessment to determine which ones best meet your business goals.


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