You’ve absolutely heard or read about apple cider vinegar somewhere, haven’t you? 

This mystery product that has appeared in our stores and that brings with it lots of gifts that we will reveal to you by reading this article.  

What is apple cider vinegar? 

Apple cider vinegar bottles
Apple cider vinegar glass bottles

Apple cider vinegar is an acidic liquid from the apple , crushed and then mixed with yeast and bacteria in order to turn sugar into alcohol and then alcohol into vinegar and give at the end the final product ready to be consumed by you, dear readers .  

Are you ready to discover your gifts offered by this vinegar?

Particularly, unique and rich, it has several health benefits due to the fact that it overflows with essential acids and enzymes without forgetting mineral acids, while keeping a low level of acetic acid.

1 / People who are suffering from gout, it’s up to you: 

This vinegar is responsible for ensuring the fluidity of thickened blood causing excruciating joint pain , the major problem caused by gout. Also contributes to the cleansing of toxins that accumulate there and therefore to relieve this it will lower the metabolic acidity achieving an acid-base balance.  

2 / Digestive problems make you uncomfortable, do not worry anymore: 

Apple cider vinegar prevents all these digestive problems, it’s rich in pectins helping to relieve intestinal spasms and constipation . That’s why it will be better to take a small spoon half an hour before a rich meal with family and friends to ensure that the rest of the day will go wonderfully. 

If we add apple juice, honey , vegetable and fruit juice we will have a tasty mixture called apple cider vinegar, honey and plant extract having a similar effect.  

3 /420 million diabetics, we-have the cure: 

A leader in balance, the apple cider vinegar helps to keep blood sugar levels in balance with an average intake of two tablespoons before going to bed.  

To flavor your meals while guaranteeing nutritional value, add the Organic Garden for an exquisite fruity taste.

4 / Say goodbye to tiredness: 

wooden board with apple cider vinegar, apples and a spoon on it
Apple cider vinegar bottle on a wooden board

After a stressful day at work, it’s normal to feel exhausted . But it happens to have other tasks to do or babies to take care of after the departure of the nanny, apple cider vinegar stands out once again from the fact that it attacks the lactic acids responsible for this feeling of weakness. All it takes is a spoon to boost your body and regain your strength.  

5 / Covid-19, we have nothing to fear:  

That past period, the most used term was immunity that everyone suddenly decided to take care of. We give you the secret , fourth spoons of this vinegar in a glass of warm water are more than enough as a soothing natural antibacterial. Or add Clearspring apple cider vinegar to your salads or sauces and enjoy a moment of happiness with a light apple taste.

6 / Relieve your sore throat in a few minutes:  

In winter, have you ever felt an itch or irritation in your throat? Do not worry, this is the case for the majority of people around the world . Apple cider vinegar is a perfect treatment to relieve and alleviate symptoms. It is enough to mix two to three tablespoons with warm water, an operation that you can repeat if necessary until the pain completely disappears.  

7 / Save yourself from heart problems:

After various experiments on animals , scientists came out with a last part favorable to the human being, this is the mitigating set aside of blood triglycerides and cholesterol

Additionally it reduces blood pressure that can be the reason for various heart problems.

8 / Take care of your hair at home

All types of hair , you need to care for yourself without necessarily going to a hair salon or spending a fortune to buy harmful chemical products. Apple cider vinegar can be used as rinsing water after your shampoo, to make your hair smoother, and without dandruff because of its acidity.  

9 / The dermato … it’s in your closet: 

Say goodbye to acne , a very common problem especially among teenagers, no longer use filters to take your selfies because the solution is at home. Apple cider vinegar acts against inflammation of the pimples and purifies the skin , it’s enough to apply it to the area of ​​pimples to ensure that they will not return again, never ever. 

Since summer is approaching, and sun exposure also to enjoy the good weather on the beach or lying by the pool , there is no better than this amazing product to treat sunburn using cotton on the area in question.

1 0 / Have a broad smile and be proud of it: 

Use this vinegar in the morning to remove stains and bacteria for a perfect smile. The good news is, that vinegar is also effective against bad breath caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth or because of an unbalanced diet. From now on, laugh out loud without worries.   

11 / A few kilos more, it is no longer a concern :  

Low in calories , rich in pectin, antioxidants, and acetic acid, these are essential elements for weight loss found in this vinegar. This can also be explained in the fact that this vinegar acts as an effective appetite suppressant as well as it promotes fat burning (especially abdominal fat).  

Gourmets, don’t worry, you can enjoy a delicious dish while being sure it is healthy by adding Evernat apple cider vinegar .

Be careful !! Avoid excess: 

plate with apples and a bottle of apple cider vinegar
Plate with a bottle of apple cider vinegar and cut apples on it

It is true that it offers a multitude of benefits , but it also requires to be used in moderation to avoid any adverse effects. Therefore, it is always necessary to dilute the product with water to reduce its concentration harmful to the gums and email of the teeth.  

Generally apple cider vinegar is intended for a specific use and not daily, you can use it for a cure that does not exceed 1 month.  

Apple cider vinegar is also not recommended for cases of severe ulcers, gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux.   

Among the benefits mentioned above, which one interests you the most and which will be the most useful to you?

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