Zinc is one of the most important minerals that our body does not produce in large quantities, but we get our needs from the diet, and because of its multiple benefits for our skin as well as our health. general, we have decided to share with you in this article a list of foods rich in this mineral in addition to various reasons that will prompt you to make foods rich in zinc an integral part of your diet, so that you can benefit from what this trace element can offer you in terms of benefits and benefits.

An important point that must absolutely be emphasized is that zinc is involved in the activity of several enzymes , 200 of which are molecules necessary for chemical reactions and fighting against free radicals that cause oxidative stress .

Why should you eat foods rich in zinc?

From the outset, the answer to why u should consume zinc-rich foods. First, we would like to draw your attention to a very important fact, namely that a balanced diet, rich in fresh, organic and varied foods, including vegetables and fruits, while avoiding processed foods, will meet your daily needs in zinc.

But if you do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, it affects your health in one way or another, then we urge you to avoid eating habits that are not aligned with such a lifestyle, and which will only cause you diseases and disorders thereafter which have undesirable consequences on your state of health.

But if you are wondering what will motivate you to make foods high in zinc , here is a set of ingredients and reasons that will show you why this element is important.

One of the reasons that encourages the consumption of zinc is its ability to manufacture what are called prostaglandins, which are chemical compounds that play an important role in several functions performed by our bodily organs. , let us mention that it has anti-inflammatory ability as well as protect the body from damage from chronic inflammation.

When there is a specific infection in the body, zinc has the ability to produce and activate T cells.

And if you suffer from acne, psoriasis, or eczema, taking zinc in large quantities has an important and effective role in the fight against these diseases.

And in case you want to have shiny hair or maintain healthy skin and hair, this is also the most suitable choice.

Five foods rich in zinc

In order to benefit from the many benefits of this trace element, we can see that there is a variety of foods that contain it but with a content that differs from one food to another.

Here is a list of the 5 foods that are very rich in this mineral:

  • Oysters

These are foods rich in zinc, each 100 grams contains 21.3 mg of the nutritional value of this mineral, which allows you to meet your daily needs for this mineral.

  • Cooked veal liver

The food from animal sources has the highest zinc content: every 100 grams contains 9 mg of zinc.

  • Braised beef

Indeed, beef is known to be very high in zinc with a content of 10.5 grams for every 100 grams.

  • Rye and wheat bread

As is the case with cereals, rye bread is also rich in this trace element with a content of around 1 milligram for every 100 g.

  • Cooked pot-au-feu beef

Regarding this food, it is also rich in zinc as is the case of meat-based foods with a content of 9.7 grams for every 100 grams.

Foods rich in this trace element usually come from animal sources, however other sources exist such as cereals, such as rice and wheat , which are sources of this mineral, yet it is not recommended to be eaten. limit it.

How do i know i have zinc deficiency?

To be able to diagnose that you have a zinc deficiency, you should watch for the following symptoms:

  • Feeling very tired
  • Hair loss
  • Decline of the immune system
  • Loss of appetite
  • Altered sense of taste.

Deficiency of this mineral worsens, especially in children and pregnant women, which can lead to malformations in the fetus and problems with the growth and development of the genitals.

The dosage of zinc depends on the cause and the severity of the deficiency. The recommended dose for adults is generally between 8 and 11 mg of zinc.

Excess zinc

In the event that zinc is consumed in excess it can lead to weakened immune system and increased risk of cardiovascular disease over time, you could well also have a fever or stomach ache and in the worst case scenario. case have anemia.

A point to point out; is that the risk of having these complications remains very minimal. To keep your body in good health, remember not to exceed the recommended daily doses of this mineral to avoid any complications following the excess, especially if you plan to take food supplements rich in this trace element.

Regarding the dosage that we should have in this mineral, it is essential to mention that it depends on several factors such as age and sex as well as on the health conditions of each person as well for the diet followed and the diseases of which she is in pain .

How much zinc should we have per day?

Adult males with low phytate content in their diet should consume 9.4 mg / day of zinc as a nutritional reference.

And for adult men who consume a lot of whole grain products and legumes they should consume 14 mg / day.

As for adult women who consume large amounts of whole grain products and legumes, they in turn should consume 11 mg / day of zinc.

Although the diet of adult women is low in phytic acid, they should consume 7.5 mg / day.

Compared to pregnant women, they should start consuming 9.1 to 12.6 mg / day of zinc.

While breastfeeding women should consume 10.4 to 13.9 mg of zinc per day.

The daily need for this mineral is limited to small amounts in order to better benefit from its benefits for our health and ensure the proper functioning of several organs.

As we have already explained above, zinc plays several roles thanks to the fact that it is an antioxidant which makes it possible to fight what is called the oxidative stress which appears because of the free roots.

After knowing why you should include foods high in zinc in your diet and how to tell if you have a deficiency or an excess of this mineral, we now invite you to share with us have you ever had any problems zinc deficiency health problems and how you could get rid of them.

Also, don’t forget to tell us which foods rich in zinc do you consume the most.