The food supplements market is growing day by day, especially with people’s interest in a healthy lifestyle and their awareness of the importance of a diet rich in fortifying elements.

As the scale of this industry continues to expand today, people can get lost in very diverse sources of information and cannot make the best choice. To enlighten you on how to choose the dietary supplement that best suits your lifestyle, the following lines will provide you with some tips to make your job easier and get the most out of its products and their benefits.

Before getting to the heart of our matter, it is necessary to explain to you what dietary supplements are and we will give you a little insight into the latest trends in the market if you are a dietary supplement distributor:

What are food supplements?

Food supplements out of their bottle
Picture of a bottle of food supplements in yellow color spilling some pills.

As their name suggests,  food supplements are purposed to supplement our diet with their concentration of nutrients and substances that have nutritional and physiological benefits. A point to note is that food supplements are not drugs since they have no therapeutic effects. in no way can they provide you with all the nutrients and benefits that fruits and vegetables give you. Therefore, depending on your health and eating habits, these supplements may not be worth it.

How do I know if I need food supplements?

Food supplement in light pink color in a bowl
A small bowl full of light pink food supplements pills

Sometimes certain habits become a fad, so too with dietary supplements, many people take it not because their body or lifestyle needs it, but just because of a fad. So how do I know if I need to take a food supplement?

If the diet you are following is well balanced, then your diet will be diverse and rich in healthy foods: so you will not need to take any dietary supplements. But if there is a gap in your diet, these nutritional supplements will be of great help to you, we recommend that you consult a doctor to guide you in choosing the most suitable supplement for you.

Food supplement distribution market

Following the growing awareness of consumers of the importance of their well-being, it has been observed that many consumers have turned to these products, especially those with nutritional deficiencies.

Regarding the latest trends in the distribution of food supplements, according to a report published by Grand View Research , a market research and consulting company. Which focused on the latest trends in the food supplement market based on several criteria that include distribution channels among others.

Through an exploration of the content of this report, we can make the following observations:

 – The lion’s share of revenues with a rate of 73.2%, was recorded by the OTC channel in 2020, a leading position which is expected to be maintained during the forecast period.

 – Due to the high prevalence, supermarkets / hypermarkets have strongly contributed to the sales of food supplements in Europe and North America. It is the wide variety of products and the higher discounts that explains the increase in sales through this distribution channel.

 – Explosive growth of specialty stores, offering unique products in the same category compared to retail stores. This offer attracts more consumers, which has a negative impact on the market shares of supermarkets / hypermarkets.

So if you are a food supplement distributor in Morocco, expect a boom in sales of food supplements in this country.

     1 / Active ingredients

When you go to read the ingredients of your dietary supplement, you will find that there are values ​​associated with each component. Among the ingredients to which you must give the most importance are the active elements (substances which affect our body). Here you are not going to examine only the dosage of these ingredients in terms of quantity but also quality as well.

This is what prompted food supplement distributors in Morocco to adapt their marketing strategy to meet the growing demand for these products.

     2 / Degree of absorption

As we all know, natural nutrients can be better absorbed by the human body than synthetic formulas, which is why it is better to choose elements that contain natural nutrients.

So we advise you to base your choice on food supplements composed of natural elements to ensure better absorption and be able to benefit from their effects.

     3 / Expiration date

One point that is probably not familiar to everyone and sometimes forgotten is the expiration date of a dietary supplement, which is quite an important criterion in making your choice. Why? Because when you plan to use it for a month, you don’t want to buy products that have an expiration date of a week. This is the case with your food supplements, the effectiveness of which decreases over time. Reason why it is recommended to choose those which have an expiration date as long as possible.

     4 / Side effects

Yes it is! Like drugs, food supplements have side effects.

If you have certain illnesses, supplements can also be a problem. In addition, the effects of many supplements have not been tested in children and pregnant women. Therefore, if you are considering taking dietary supplements, please consult your doctor.

     5 / Best quality price report

Can’t find a balance between quality and price?

Well, you have to choose according to your purchasing power and the profit that it brings you, and you should choose products that combine quality AND reasonable price.

Generally speaking, lower priced products require more consideration on your part to ensure that you are purchasing the products that are right for you.

     6 / Efficiency

When we want to consume food supplements, one of the main reasons that led us to make this choice is the effectiveness of these products and the effects they bring to us. That is why before purchasing your dietary supplements, please check whether their effectiveness has been fully proven by experts through scientific and laboratory studies that have been carried out.

     7 / Brand awareness and expertise

Another tip to share with you, which will allow you to make the best choice, is to check if the manufacturer has a reputation and expertise in the field, as these are the most trustworthy, which will result in a manufacture of high quality products.

     8 / Respect the environment

If you are an advocate for the environment, you should absolutely check whether the food supplement of your choice is environmentally friendly and meets international benchmarks and standards.

      9 / Availablity

One situation we don’t want to find ourselves in is when the product we are using is not available!

This is why dietary supplement distributors must adapt to the growing demand for food supplements to meet the needs of consumers. For these different reasons, given the ever-increasing supply, choosing where and how to buy dietary supplements is no longer so easy.

     10 / Formula and standardization

In addition to being effective, the formulation of food supplements must also comply with the regulations and standards in force in the country of distribution.

This is why the authorities regularly inspect products to reassure food supplement distributors and consumers.

We might consume food supplements just because they had become a trend nowadays, but as a rule of thumb we advise you to take them only if your body is in need and after asking for your doctor’s prescription as well.

If you take all of these techniques into consideration, you will be able to make the best choice that best meets your actual needs and get the most out of the supplements you take.

And you, tell us how you choose your food supplement?

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